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Magic Kingdom Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Magic Kingdom Mushroom Chocolate Bars are a new magic mushroom chocolate bar brand that quickly rose to popularity due to it’s superior quality. Here at Magic Kingdom Mushroom Chocolate Bars we specialized in 3.5g chocolate bars.

MK Chocolate Bars are one of the very first to produce a 3.5g magic mushroom chocolate bar. Our chocolate bars are definitely more potent and can compete with some of the best mushroom bars such as the polkadot, neau tropics to name a few.

The effects of the Magic Kingdom Mushroom Bars are quite similar to that from other mushroom chocolates. However, what makes mk chocolate unique is the potency of the strains used while making our chocolate bars. It is guaranteed to have you passed out on the couch. With magic kingdom shroom bars, you are guaranteed to have a trip that is out of this world.


Magic Kingdom Skittles 4g Mint are one of the most sort after chocolate gummies in the market. This 4g mushroom mint are sweet.  It will leave you tripping for a good while. Our magic kingdom mint are made with the finest couvertue mint and mushrooms of the highest quality.

Magic Mushroom 4g Mints

Want to escape easily and have fresh breath while doing it? We got the freeway to a fresh way to take a delightful ride to the Magic KingdomTry a new wonderful way to enjoy the magic.

Magic Mushroom  mint have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, generate creativity, create visual distortions, and sometimes induce life-changing spiritual journeys!

Presenting Magic Kingdom Gummies, the 3.5-gram mushroom gummies from the MK Chocolate family. Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation and stepping the boundaries in the mushroom industry, leading us to introduce these unique Mushroom Gummies. In contrast to other mushroom chocolate brands that offer only a limited selection of gummy flavors, we have a diverse gummies collection that rivals our chocolate bars.

For those who may not be chocolate enthusiasts, our mushroom gummies provide an equally enjoyable alternative. Whether you choose Magic Kingdom Chocolate or Magic Kingdom Gummies, rest assured that the potency remains consistent, delivering the same results with just a delightful variation in flavors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whichever MK treat you decide to indulge in.

Magic Kingdom Mushroom Bars
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Magic Kingdom Gummies
Magic Kingdom Gummies


The best Magic Kingdom mushroom chocolate bar you can find in the market, that will help you solve your problems. We also have Magic Kingdom Mushroom Gummies with deferent flavors Including Magic Kingdom Mint which improve mode and boost Energy levels.

Magic Kingdom shop offers a diverse selection of 6 flavors, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste. Our range includes gluten-free Magic Kingdom Bars, with options like the popular Matcha flavor. This variety is one of the reasons why our Chocolate bars are highly sought after


While the Effects of Magic Kingdom Mushroom Bars align with those of other mushroom chocolates, what sets Magic Kingdom Chocolate apart is the potent strains utilized in the chocolate making process. Our Chocolate bars, Gummies and Mints are guaranteed to provide an experience that will have you comfortably immersed on the couch. With Magic Kingdom Shroom Bars, embark on a trip that transcends the ordinary.

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Magic Kingdom Mushroom Bars
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